Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We are Frandernal!!

I took the girls to the park yesterday after school for a playdate! It was SUCH a nice day!!  While waiting on our friends to get there, J & A started playing with another little girl, who was about a year younger than they were.  I was sitting on the bench reading my book when I heard A and J talking about being twins. (They have really gotten into telling people this, as soon as they meet... Hi, We are Twins!) They were trying to explain that they were Fraternal Twins... but Miss A said "We are Frandernal Twins"  Sooo cute!

I've gotten some really positive feedback from some vendors that specialize in Handmade items.  So, in a few weeks... I'm going to do a special "Handmade Holiday Happenings" with tons of giveaways and reviews!  I'm hopeing to do it for 1 week.. with atleast 2 giveaways a day! :)  I've got some really FUN items so far!  :) 

I'm going to get my flu shot today!  I HATE needles!!  Last year, I almost passed out.  Seriously, they terrify me!  I don't even want to think about it....


  1. Thanks for following! :D Your blog is beeeeautiful!!!

  2. Ugh is it flu season already? Frandernal, too cute!



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