Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Not sure how this started, but i have become completely obsessed with Blogging!  Really.... like I need something else to obsess over!  Kids, Husband, Cleaning, Facebook, Blogging!  I just can't get enough! Especially when I discovered Blog's with contests and prizes? you can WIN? For FREE?  Who knew!!  I must have been living in the dark ages, because they are EVERYWHERE!!!  I went from not having a Blog, to starting a Blog, to starting a 2nd Blog!

In my defense...... I've just found so many great deals, that I want to pass them along!!  So.. I started  Frugal Memphis Mom

We are having a camp out at our house this weekend!!  Since we are not going "camping" we are going "camping" in our backyard (and I swore I would never Tent camp again!  Ha!)  We're going to build a campfire, (in our fire-pit) roast hot dogs, make smores, and sleep in the backyard in a TENT!   I bet it won't last more than an hour!  The girls are so excited!!  (this was inspired by my goregous niece Haylee and her camp out pictures! ;)

Big Brother is on tonight (oh, forgot to put that down... also obsessed with Big Brother) whaaa hooo!!  I *think* I'm pulling for Britney.  Big Brother Britney     I really, really, really didn't like her at first, but she has kinds grown on me!  Not only is she from Arkansas (WPS!!!!) she is also the last woman standing!  So, I am currently voting for her to win!  Not sure how much longer she will last, but we shall see!!  I just saw that Amazing Race starts this month too!

Taco Night at the Stafford house! :)  Build your own...  Soft or Crunchy!


  1. I too am Big Brother obsessed. I've been fans of both Ragan and Britney from the get go. I'd be happy with either one of them winning. Both have fought very hard to remain standing.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the who is obsessed! Brent and I both are actually, and the girls love to watch it with us! We even subscribed to "Big Brother After dark" on Showtime! LOL Although, we don't watch that much because it spoils the competitions and things! I'm still pulling for Britney and I'm so glad Lane did not put her up for replacement last night!!!



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