Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Honest Opinions needed! :) Puh-Leeeeeze!

I'm interested in doing Reviews and giveaways...... who isn't right!?!?!   So here is my question ::

Does it bother you to read a blog that ha reviews/giveaways?  I love contests (I even won 2 so far!  Go me!!!  LOL ) and reading blogs!  Love it!   But, I don't want to completely fill my blog up with stuff, and everyone skip over Peace Love Quack!  Ya know?!?!   I also want to be able to post things have to do with ME and my Family!!!  I guess I need to find a happy medium....

I figured I would email a couple of companies, because you won't know til you dont' ask, and see if they are interested .... who knows!!

Just wanted your opinon on the subject. 


  1. Hello... Thanks for following me from the blog hop today!! I have to say after looking at blogs all day i would say DO find a happy medium, I am all for a few giveaways BUT there is a limit where i am like WOW who is this person!! LOL... I am looking into do a few giveaways on my blog too.. I found myblogspark and they pick people to host giveaways and what not.. I am now following you hop to see giveaways and stuff about you and your fam SOON!! :)

  2. PS see you are a hogs fan.. I am actually just moving from fort smith,AR to IL...

  3. I have an award for you

  4. hi! following from mid week mingle, hoping you will follow back as well :) i feel like adding a few reviews and giveaways can really boost your following, more readers! they don't have to overpower your blog though, maybe one every month, or two weeks!


  5. Thanks for following, I am following back. I think if you really want to do reviews and giveaways maybe limit them. I love reading blogs but do tend to over look giveaway posts.

  6. THanks for checking out our site!!! We are now following you too!!!

    Julie and Adele
    The Coupon Cents Sisters

  7. Just stopping by and following you. You can check out my blog at

  8. I personally don't love blogs that do ALL giveaways. I like blogs that are a mix of reviews/giveaways and personal stuff...which is what I try to do with my blog. I love writing reviews, and I have had the opportunity to host some really fun giveaways. I think you will love it, too!

  9. I skip give away posts but that's just me. I'd still read your other posts. :)

  10. I don't participate in a lot of giveaways, but I don't mind blogs with reviews & giveaways. However, I think you're right about finding a balance. I don't follow any review blogs. I want to read what people have to say, not what they're trying to sell.

  11. Hi, Thanks for stopping by Spoiled...but Not Rotten! You have a new follower as well.

    As for the giveaways, a few are always nice and you can gain new readers with them. However, I think that a lot of people end up doing a few and it turns into a full time job and bogs the blog down. You can always make a little section in your sidebar that focuses on the giveaways and that way you let people know you have them, but don't crowd the site, KWIM?
    I second the MyBlogSpark site! It is a great site and I have been able to do a couple giveaways/reviews through them and they are great to work with!



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