Friday, September 3, 2010

Let's call those hogs!!

I'm so thankful Friday is here! It's been a super long week for some reason!  We have so many fun things planned for the weekend, I can't wait to get it started!!   Zoo, Razorback Game (listening to it), Swimming Party, Backyard Camp Out, Incredible Pizza!  Whew... no rest for us this weekend!  I'm going to cherish EVERY second of it!

The Stafford's are HUGE Razorback fans!  Actually, everyone is my family is a Razorback fan!! I love game days, even if we are only listening to it on the radio.  I'm HIGHLY upset that the very 1st game is on PPV!   My father-in-law has 4 season tickets, and I've already claimed mine for the season! LOL  Since Brent hunts from November - January, and the girls are at their F's house every other weekend, I have plenty of free time to go to some of the games! :)  Thankfully, he doesn't mind taking me, and my Sister-in-law goes to almost every game, so it will give us some girley time as well! Little Rock... here we come!

(Carrie and I freeeeeezing at the Liberty Bowl!  Thank goodness for Razorback Snuggies!)

Even J & A have been to a Razorback game, and learned to call the hogs at 2 years old! 

Would everyone who is reading this blog... please take a second to go vote here....
It's the town I grew up in, and they are trying desperately to get "Cherry Street" back to what it use to be!  Memories of a lifetime were made crusing up and down that street.... those were the good days! 

I won!! I won!!  I won my very first Blog Contest! I'm so excited!! 
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  1. Tish,

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  2. Hey! Thanks for the mention!

    One of my best friends from work is a big Razorback fan. I am afraid I cannot agree, as my battlecry is a resounding "War Eagle." =)

    So excited it is football season again!

    Good luck getting your blog off the ground!

  3. hi there! thanks for stopping by my blog! welcome to the blog world! it can be quite addicting, but a fun hobby (at least it's a hobby for me, HA!). so excited you're a fellow Arkansan! Go Hogs! we're going to the game tomorrow, so excited! How wonderful to have twin girls!?! :) love the family beach picture! looking forward to following you too! :)

  4. Thanks for commenting everyone!! :)

    Kim, I wish we were going to the game, but unfortunately are going to miss this one!! I'll be cheering from home!!

    Kaye, I'm very excited it's football season!! I'm so ready for fall, i'm completely OVER

    Ron, thanks!

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