Thursday, September 2, 2010

Busted Eardrums and Destin

After sleeping all morning, I feel SO much better and I'm fever free!!  Now, if my ear would just unclog.. I feel like I am under water or something!! Which leads me into a story about our vacation over the week of 4th of July to Destin!  (after all the pictures, and my plug to Southern Resorts!)

 (Back of the house at night!)

 (our Room for the week... it had an outdoor balcony that went across the side and front of the house, with an amazing view of the fireworks being shot on the Fourth of July!)

(There is a virtual tour of the home, as well and a search engine of all the houses they sure to go watch!!)

   Be sure to check out if you are ever planning a trip to Florida!  The beaches were goregous, anything we needed while staying in our house was taken care of! The house itself was amazing and we had plenty of room for all 24 of us staying (yes, all in one house.... it worked out wonderfully!) I will definitely go back and book with Southern Beach Resorts again!! I would LOVE to take another big family trip, with my grandparents this time, because I think they would absolutely love it!

Back to my story!
I feel even more sorry for my BFF Vick!  While we were on vacation in Destin (yes all 100 of us... LOL  ok, not that many, but there were TONS of us) she busted her eardrum while riding the waves on a boogie board.  That's not the bad part.  She busted her eardrum then asked me to put Swimmer's Ear in it.  Being the good friend that I am, I asked her if she was sure, and then did it.  This landed Vick in a Destin walk in ER clinic.  I felt so, so, so, so bad!  But, I had NO clue it would hurt her the way it hurt her.  I honestly thought she was going to pass out from the pain!!  Word of advice... do NOT put alcohol down a busted ear drum.  Probably every person in the world knows this but me (and I also blame her, because she is the one that told me to do it!)   

Here are the Quacks (minus Shannon)

Our group!

Vick did not have the only injury of the week!  My fellow Quack Tash sliced her hand open (with her husband knife) and had to go get stitches!  I guess we are a big bunch of accident prone people! I'm very surprised the Stafford Bunch did not get any injuries!  Our Jeep's battery died... I guess we got our end of the bad luck too!  Brent had to go buy jumper cables, because nobody in the group had any.  Yes, there were 5 vehicles there.. on VACATION!  You live and learn I guess, I bet non of us leave home without at least 1 set of cables again!!  

It was a very memorable trip for sure!  We had such a good time!!  Really, we did!  Despite everything that went wrong, a million things went right!!  I was lucky enough to not only have my family of 4 with me, but also my very best friends and their families, whom are just like our family! 



  1. That place looks beautiful! I'm soooo jealous!
    Visiting you back from

  2. Those photos of your family all in white are great! Thanks for the follow, my husband is feeling better thanks for that too!

    Nichole @
    PS I am now following back!

  3. Thanks Nichole, we had a wonderful time taking them!! I'm sure I'll post more as time goes along! I'm thinking of using some of our family Beach pics on our Christmas card this year! :)

    Mrs. A... it was a wonderful vacation, I can not wait to go back!!



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