Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This weekend, I went to Helena (my home town) to visit with my Quacks, and go to the demolition derby! I'm exhausted.... still!!  When we all get together, we seem to forget that we are all in our 30's... with children!  We stay up talking until weeeee hours of the morning, just to get up again and do it the next night!!  I haven't seen 5:00 in the morning in a LONG time... and we were simply sitting around talking!!  It was really nice to get caught up, and I love my friends... but I am still exhausted!!!  Seriously... I remember when I could stay up all night and then work all day!  NOT anymore!!!

Miss Priss lost her 2nd front tooth!!  She is precious!!!  She can hardly talk and I have no clue what she is going to eat! ;)

We have our first girl scout meeting on Thursday night, I think I'm more excited than the girls are!

I have a meeting with a client tonight at 7pm, she booked a Wedding session in October, so we have to go over some details!!  Good things are happening in the Land of Delta Darlins! ;)   I also did a photo shoot for little Miss Austin this weekend!!  She is adorable!!

I get to co-host a golf tournament tomorrow for the company I work for!  Should be fun, I just hope it doesn't rain!!!  Which reminds me... guess I need to find out the particulars!

I'll try to post more tonight, if I can stay awake!!  Last night, I was in bed by 8:30pm! ;)

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