Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturday Fun Day!

Yesterday was such a nice day!!  The perfect day for a trip to the zoo, and apparently everyone in Memphis thought so too!  I have NEVER seen the zoo so packed (well, except for maybe Zoo Boo) or had to park in the parking overflow before, we honestly didn't even realize they had an overflow parking lot!

I almost dreaded continuing our journey... by the looks of the line just getting INTO the zoo!  Thank goodness that since we have a Membership, the line for members is short!  The other couple with us were not so  lucky, and it took them a good 15 minutes just to get through the line to buy their tickets!!  The girls had fun playing on the fountain during this time!  They had cleaned out the "wishing well" part of the fountain, and given some of the bridges a nice new paint job! 

All the animals were awake, all the exhibits were open, and the lines weren't as bad as expected!! 
  We always play the "what was your very favorite part" game on the way home from family activities... and the A said "The Grizzly bear feeding" and J said "The Birds and the Bees"

We were running low on time (I was determined to see the Grizzly bear feeding) so we practically ran across the zoo!  Tetron Trek is at the very back of the zoo, and we had just eaten lunch and were at the front of the zoo!  (my legs are super sore today!!) 

 The girls decided to take a break after we ran across the zoo!

  We found our spot at the top of Tetron Trek and watched the show.  I don't know what I was expecting to happen... but when you think of a Grizzly bear feeding... I thought of something more entertaining than the Zoo people throwing fish in the pool area for them!  It was neat to see, but totally not what I expected!!  

J's favorite part was the Birds and the Bee's exhibit!  I adore this exhibit as well!  Last year was the first time we had been (and now have 2 parakeets) and we all fell in love with it!  You walk in and all the parakeets are flying around, just waiting for a treat! You buy millet sticks for $1.00 and try to entice the birds to land on them!  Last year, the girls had NO problems getting 2 or 3 birds at a time, this year the birds seemed a little more skiddish!  Bug kept having to take the sticks and "catch" the birds for the girls!  

(Miss Priss decided that crawling after them, might just land her one too!)  

The exhibit only runs from Memorial Day until Labor Day, and is definitely one of our favorite one's!!   We bought 2 sticks of millet, and the girls had fun for an hour.  We ended up bringing some of it home, to give to our birds!

(Bubble at the Sea Lion's)

 (Just monkeying around at the Monkey's)

(Once Upon a Farm, petting Zoo)

We had wonderful day!  I'm so glad we braved the lines, because it's memories like these that will last a lifetime! 


  1. looks like you had a really great day! i wish i could go to the zoo, but right now it's just too hot out and the animals don't even want to come out

  2. We went to Potter Park Zoo on Saturday. They had a new bird exhibit since I'd last been there. We could also buy "seed sticks" for $1 (although we barely got any seeds on it). Lauren didn't have the same reaction as Jenna and Ashley. Haha These birds acted like they hadn't been fed in decades and were bomb-diving us. She freaked out the second a bird landed on her stick and threw it. (I must admit... it kinda freaked me out too. lol)

  3. The first time we went, the birds really liked the seed! this time, I think they were over the whole "let's land on a stick" idea! The girls loved it anyways!

  4. Hi Tish! Thanks for visiting me, and a warm welcome to you! :) You have a beautiful family. Looks like you had a fun weekend! :)

  5. I'm following back from follow friday, running behind. Happy Labor Day! Wonderful pictures, looks like lots of fun.

  6. Hi..Following from bloghop...would love to have you follow back!



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