Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fabulous Me Day!

A Tish day... just what I needed!!  I had SO much fun... all by myself!!  Usually, I need to be with someone... HAVE to have company, but not today!!  I had a "Me" day!

I started at Toy's R Us to take advantage of the Buy 2, Get 1 free Hasbro games!!  Christmas present's already CHA CHING!!   I also found a coupon online for $4.00 a couple of games, so I ended up getting 3 games for a really, really good price!!   You can find the coupon here ::  Game Coupon  (Print it out twice, I was able to use 2 coupons!! )   I got the girls Connect 4, Guess Who, and Disney Princesses Chutes and Ladders!!

Then, I went to the mall, which I usually despise, but I was armed with some good coupons... and had to get my ring inspected.  Thank goodness I took my engagement ring in, the diamond was loose!  Suckey part is I had to send it off (that's my 1 complaint about Kay's) but it should be back around October 4th.  I feel naked without it!  I also had my necklace inspected and had to send it off as well, loose diamonds again.  weird!

JcPenny's was having an AWESOME clearance sale!  I got 2 pairs of shorts and 3 shirts for $9.09.  Seriously!!!  Cha Ching!!!  On top of the clearance prices, I had a 15% off coupon that I used off the total price!  You can find that coupon here ::  JcPenny Coupon

Bath and Body works to use this coupon :: Bath Coupon  
and got the new Dark Kiss line.  OMG... it smells amazing!!!  I ended up having to spend $10.00 to get the free Splash.. so I got 2 travel size Dark Kiss lotions, and 1 Bath Gel. 

Finally, to ChickFila  for lunch.. since they sent me a coupon for a FREE kids meal!  ;) 

I highly recommend you use this website, if you are looking for coupons for stores!  It's great!!

So now, the girls are watching a movie... I am fixing dinner (in between blogging) and we are going to have a nice relaxing evening at home!  The girl's got flu shots today, and are complaining their legs hurt!  :(

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