Thursday, September 30, 2010

Going on a Mouse Hunt.... (edited to include our story! :))

So I don't foget to tell the story of our GREAT mouse hunt this morning... but for now... I have to get the girls to school, mall to get my engagement ring (Finally!!!!) post office ( rocks!!) and to the hospital to get my baby fix!!  Our best friends Tina and Dustin welcomed their precious Hailey into the world this morning!!   I'll be back with pics!! 

Welcome to all my new followers!! I'm sure glad to "meet" you!

I'm backkkkkk....
Ugh. I'm so aggravated right now!!  I dropped the girls off at school, and headed to the post office.... Really?!?!?!  they don't open until 9am, so I thought I would run over to the mall and pic up my ring, then pop back over to the post office.  Seriously... THE MALL DOESN'T open until 10am!  Come on people.... I have things to do and people to see!  10 am?!?!?  Maybe I need to find a job at the mall!!!  I could easily rise and shine for work at 10AM!!!!  ughhhh!!!   So, here I am... I have gotten nothing accomplished yet today!  Nothing!!  Ok, Rant over!

So this morning, I am getting the girls ready for school.... doing our usual "get dressed, we are going to be late!!  GIRLS... get dressed.  Put on your socks.... where are your shoes?!?!  GIRLS.... " finally we make it to the bathroom to get our teeth brushed and hair fixed... and Jenna leans over the toilet for some reason.. and there is a MOUSE in the toilet.  Ew... Ewwwww.... ewwww!!  We have been trying to catch that little pesky thing for WEEKS, and it ends up in the toilet?!!?!  I don't even want to know HOW that happened... (which reminds me, I need to go bleach the hell out of my bathroom)  or how it ended up in the toilet bowl.  Thank goodness nobody had used that bathroom this morning.  Can you imagine sitting down.. and finding that between your legs?!?!?!?! 

The girls got a good laugh out of it, and started singing "We're going on a Mouse Hunt" this morning!! I on the other hand, am still completely freaked out over it.  Bug had left for work, so I had to deal with it.  Yep........ FLUSH. I know, I'm probably going to hell.  Seriously, was I supposed to fish the thing out of the toilet.  I don't think so!!  Not this momma!!  The girls think that toilet water goes to the "ocean" (gross) so I'm sure the mouse is having a great time at the beach right now!!

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