Saturday, October 2, 2010

Goooooood Morning Saturday!

I don't know why I even TRY to sleep in!  I'm a morning person! A sugary, smiling "GOOOOOD Morning" kinda morning person!!!  You know the type?!!  That's me! ;)

 I successfully slept in until... are you ready for it?!?!! ...... 6:45am!  Taaaa Daaaa!!  Seriously, even with no kids here... I'm  up!  Bug of course is sleeping, and can sleep until noon!  I on the otherhand, think I'm wasteing my day by sleeping in!!

Today, we are going to go to the hospital to see precious Hailey!!  I got to see her on Thursday, but Bug has had to work late, and has not been able to go see her! Newborn's make me happy!  Especially when they are somebody else's!

I got my menu planned out for the week.  I'm tired of cooking the same stuff... all the time.  So, I got a cookbook out, and picked 4 new recipes to try! 

Tortilla Soup
Sausage and Rice Bake
Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Spaghetti

Now, I need to go grocery shopping!!

Bug surprised me last night... I got home from taking the girls to AR, and he had Steaks on the grill (porter houses, OMG my husband can cook a steak) baked potatoes, and wine!  It was Soooo yummy!!  It was great spending the evening on the back patio, laughing and talking!  We definately needed it!  We even decided to go camping next weekend, 1 last time before we have to winterize the motor home!  We aren't going to tell the girls.. and surprise them.  J & A are out of school Friday-Tuesday next week... so we are going to take a 4 day weekend to camp!  Soooo much fun! I can't wait!!

Now... off to hop....

Come join in... it's really fun!!

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  2. Hopping on by, you have a beautiful family!

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  4. Thanks for the follow from Stalker Saturday! It's always nice to connect with other twin parents; especially ones at the same stage and age. We thought we were done with the twins, but our singleton surprised us!

    I hear you about eating the same things all the time. I find we get into a rut too. If the family likes some of those recipes you're trying out, you should post them for other moms like me to try out! You can be the guiney pig, LOL.


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    I love the name of your blog. I love eating food that has been grilled. Im your newest follower. Have a great weekend.

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  12. Mmmm, tortilla soup sounds delish!

    I wish I could get up that early and feel refreshed!

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