Saturday, October 16, 2010

Finally... it's the weekend!!

I am exhausted!!  Thank goodness the weekend is here!!  It's almost sad... the girls are at their father's this weekend, and i welcomed it!  I just want to sleep. I need sleep... I can survive without sleep!! Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!!

Jenna has been waking up in the middle of the night with Nightmare's!  EVERY night lately!  So, she crawls into bed with us..and mommy gets zero space or sleep after!  I have GOT to come up with a solution.  I have tried going back to bed with her until she is asleep, reading, letting her watch TV.  It's not working!!  Any suggestions?!?!!?

In happier news... it's my Mother in Law's birthday!  I love my Mother in Law!  She's the best!  She loves me and my girls like one of her own.. and treats us all SO good!!  She is coming into town for the night, and we are taking her to some flea markets and having a cookout tonight! :)  Super fun!!

Have a great weekend everyone! :) Sorry for my lack of blogging!!


  1. Oh no, that's gotta be exhausting (baby waking up with nightmares :()

    So lucky to have a MIL who you love! I think everyone deserves that. :)



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